Golu Idols

Navaratri Decorations at home.

It’s festival season in Indian. Navaratri is one of the most important and widely celebrate festival all over India. In West Bengal, it is celebrated as Durga Pooja,

Stories behind the celebration:

According to one of the legends, Goddess Durga fought with the Buffalo headed demon Mahishaasur for nine nights and finally slew him on the tenth day which is celebrated as Vijayadashmi.

Similarly, Lord Rama fought with Ravana for nine days and emerged victorious after slaying him on the tenth day.

Vijayadashami symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi took his Maha Samadhi on this day.

Celebrations across India:

These 9 days are dedicated to The Three Goddesses:

First three days to Maa Durga ( Shakti).

Next three days to Mata Laxmi ( Goddess of Wealth) and the remaining three days to Mata Saraswati ( Goddess of Arts and learning).

On Saraswati Pooja, We place our books and notebooks with our pens in front of her image or idol to seek her blessings. We don’t read books on that day as a mark of respect.

People celebrate this festival as Durga Pooja in West Bengal. In Gujarat, they perform Garba ( a dance form where a dancer gently tap on the two sticks of his or her partner) and sing Bhajans in front of The Goddess’ idol.

In South India, especially in a traditional Brahmin family in Tamil Nadu, we welcome the Goddess in our homes by arranging rows of Golu dolls ( mostly they are the figurines of Hindu Gods and Goddesses) in a shelf consisting of 5, 7, or 9 steps. We invite married ladies and offer them Vermilion, Sandal, betel leaves with betel nuts, bananas, any token of gift like a small plastic jar, blouse piece or cash in a tray. We also prepare Sundal, a special dish, made of cooked chickpeas with scrapes of coconut, salt, and spices as an offering to the Goddess.

The Golu dolls represent various deities who are worshipped along with Maa Durga.

Happy Navaratri and Happy Vijayadashmi!

Jai Maata Di

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