Brian Battison

A book review.

A Writer’s Murder by Brian Battison is an outstanding gripping thriller. I love both Matthew Shelley and Karen Chandler. Their contrasting characters make them click as partners in solving a puzzling murder mystery.

Matthew Shelley is a private investigator desperately in need of money to pay his outstanding utility bills. Karen Chandler, a freelance journalist for Profile Magazine, asks him to investigate the murder case of Glen Watkinson, an author of romantic novels. She tells him that Billy Mason, an outlaw, confessed to the murder and received life imprisonment. However, he died within six months of his incarceration, as he had cancer. Karen’s editor Judith Ward wants her to do an article on the writer’s death. So, she sends her to Matthew, considering him to be an incompetent fellow. But looks can be deceiving. Matthew casts some doubts over the confession and lack of proof that could incriminate him. They meet Dot Mason, Billy’s widow. Judith sets them up for three different interviews. The first one is with the police chief who investigated the case, Mackmin. He despises Matthew as the latter had spied upon him and informed his wife about his illicit affair. The second interview with Mason’s attorney, Samuel Allcock, confirms his suspicion that Mason had voluntarily confessed to the crime committed by someone else in exchange for money. Finally, Matthew meets Eddie Roe, Billy’s cellmate. Later on, two goons, James and Nick, threaten them to drop out of the case. They interview Roland Parr, Glen’s secretary. Matthew and Karen meet Giles Abbot, Glen’s editor, at Judith’s office. Giles wants them to work according to his terms. Matthew smells something fishy about the way he and Judith are trying to cover up the truth. He learns that Andrew Dickens, Glen’s literary agent, has gone missing.
When they return to Matthew’s apartment, a well-dressed stranger asks them to continue their probing and offers them money. The stranger introduces himself as Jocelyn Charlton of Charlton Press.
He and Karen follow Judith to see her talking to a strange man. The goons, James and Nick, warn them not to continue poking their nose. They bash up Matthew before leaving.
His bad luck continues as Chief Inspector Mackmin takes them into custody for questioning. He informs them about Andrew Dickens’ death. The deceased was the stranger interacting with Judith when Matthew and Karen followed her. They are attacked once again and barely escape from their certain death. Who is the criminal mastermind wanting to get rid of the nosy sleuths? Will the real culprit succeed in this deadly mission? Roland Parr, Glen’s secretary, is also murdered. Matthew and Karen’s lives are in great danger. Will they succeed in escaping unharmed and uncovering the mask of the murderer? Is Watkinson alive or dead?
Catch this super awesome thriller with plenty of surprises and twists to keep you glued to reading. It’s a must-read thriller. I highly recommend it for reading.

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