I loved this series. Bizzy Baker and her best friend Emmie Crosby  run The Country Cottage Inn and Cafe. Bizzy’s father’s ex-mother-in-law, Georgie is yet another adorable character who helps Bizzy and dotes upon her. Bizzy’s elder sister, Macy, is a great flirt but joins Bizzy in her adventures. There are three books in this box set. Each one of them is thrilling, funny, romantic, And has plenty of twists towards the end. 

Book 1

Bow Wow Big House

Bizzy has a special gift. She can read minds of both humans and animals. She has a pet cat, Fish, and  her boyfriend, Detective Jasper Wilder’s dog, Sherlock Bones who adore her.  She has got this power ever since her former best friend turned present Mayor of Cider Cove, Mackenzie Woods tried to drown her in a barrel of whiskey. 
Bizzy and Emma have been hired to provide refreshments, especially, rocky road brownies at a Fashion Show for pets by Seina Thompson who runs  Bow Wow rescue shelter for dogs.  She is a snob. Bizzy hears her arguing with a woman. She tries to read her mind and is shocked to learn about the woman thinking of telling Seina to kiss her father’s million dollars fortune goodbye forever.  Bizzy tries to strike a conversation with Seina who introduces
 her to Lucy Miller, a designer for the upcoming Fashion Show for pets. Later on, she finds Seina yelling at her assistant Winnie Capris. 
Bizzy comes out of the ballroom at Chadwick Mansion for fresh air and taking back a tray of cookies back. She spots Camilla Ryder, her boyfriend’s ex, and they hear a shrill scream of a woman. Seina Thompson’s dead body rolls over between their feet. Bizzy’s boyfriend Detective Jasper investigates the case.
 Bizzie finds Winnie’s ring on Seina’s hair. Winnie becomes the prime suspect. Bizzy discovers that Seina had a brief fling with Harry Dillinger. She dumped him for Jackson and then was seen arguing with him. Seina also hated Mariah Stafford, her father’s girlfriend. 
Bizzy and her gang of girls have too many suspects for a single murder.  Winnie Capris, Lucy Miller, Harry and his sister, Molly Dillinger, Jackson, and Mariah Stafford. Who among these pushed Seina to death? Catch Bizzy  cracking this baffling case with the help of her friends. 

Book 2 
Murder Bites. 

Bizzy’s father’s ex-mother-in-law, Georgie has a weakness for men and often dates different people. This time she is involved with the founder of  the dating app, Elvis Hendrix. He fixes The Country Cottage Inn for a program dedicated to dating called Blind Date with Cupid Singles Mingle.  His partner, Lad Warner, enters the ballroom with his fiancee, Emily Carter, who is old enough to be his mother. Emily’s daughter, Paige, hates him. As the evening progresses, he is seen lurking around a short redhead woman. A brunette enters the ballroom in search of Lad.  She sees Bizzy carrying his dog, Cinnamon, and stops to pet him. Bizzy  takes Cinnamon outside for fresh air and lets her down to finish her business. She sees some metallic object gleaming near a fountain and is stunned to find a gun. She also stumbles upon Lad’s dead body. Her boyfriend, Jasper and his colleague, Deputy Leo Granger who is also a mind reader like her,  find her in a difficult situation. Determined to clear her name and bring justice to Lad, Bizzy and her gang of girls launch into their own investigation that leads them to plenty of suspects. The brunette, Madeline Harper, the red head Natalie Weiland, Emily Carter, her daughter Paige,  Lad’s cousin ,  Colt, all have a motive and means to murder him. Meanwhile, Bizzy’s nemesis Camilla Ryder is desperately trying to win over her boyfriend and threatens to expose her supernatural abilities. 
Will Bizzy clear her name? Would she confess to Jasper about her mind reading power? Who is the actual murderer? Are Emily and Paige innocent? Do grab this book. It’s an excellent read. 

Book 3

Felines and Fatalities. 

Bizzy is  hosting a bakery show for senior citizens at the Country Cottage Inn.  One of the judges, Lottie Lemon, arrives with her cats, Waffles and Pancake, her handsome boyfriend  Noah, and an equally gorgeous husband, Everett Baxter with their teenaged daughter, Evie. Macy ( Bizzy’s elder sister) is jealous of Lottie. Bizzy introduces other judges, Celine and Trevor Harrison.  Celine introduces her friend Melina Cabot while Trevor’s friend Julian Morgan  strolls over to their side. 
As the baking show goes on, Celine is arguing with a short brunette, Anna Harrison, who claims that she is the original wife of Trevor Harrison. 
Lottie also has supernatural powers like Bizzy. She can see ghosts and interact with them.  There is  a sudden crash and Trevor ends up being dead.  Jasper, Leo and Noah take charge of the situation with the help of Everett, Lottie husband. 
Bizzy tells Lottie about her ability to read human and animal mind. She also says that Deputy Leo Granger has the similar power. Lottie mentions seeing the ghost of an old woman which is an ominous sign. Shortly, Celine Harrison is also killed and the murderer leaves behind riddles for Bizzy to uncover. Bizzy, Lottie, and their friends  join forces to investigate both the murders because Lottie and Bizzy are in great danger. They might be the next target of the killer. There are so many wonderful twists that it is very difficult to guess the actual murderer. 
Would Bizzy and Lottie unmask the murderer and save themselves? The riddles are very intriguing. 
I would highly recommend this series for reading. 

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