A poem by Aparna J

Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com


Expectations often end up in broken hearts.
I convinced myself to give up on any expectation.
You find yourself moping when your loved one suddenly departs.
Without any prior intimation.
Never expect someone to reciprocate your feeling.
It’s hard to overcome your rejection.
Let your brain take control of your worldly dealing.
Accept yourself for what you are ; You may or may not be a man of perfection.
Keep on posting updates over social media.
Don’t expect to get a bunch of likes.
Try to control yourself from too much of Facebook or Twitter mania.
Instead, play with your little tykes.
I have learned from my past mistakes.
It’s foolish to foster your expectations.
There are days when you eat stale bread or cakes.
Don’t give in to your temptations.
God knows when we are entitled to receive His gifts.
Let’s wait patiently for our turn to come.
He sees us fall, and He promptly lifts.
His Miracles are great and awesome.

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