Bolder ultimate Cause

Janice Tremayne.

A book review.

I just finished reading Bolder Ultimate Cause by Janice Tremayne. This is the fourth book of The Zack Bolder series. The story begins with a brief description of The Penal Colony in Maria Island (Tasmania) 1847. Two soldiers, Mickey, and Edwin are chatting as a storm surfaces, rattling the doors and windows. Edwin hears a moan. He fears that it might be the notorious criminal Screwy who had murdered fellow prisoners. Mickey teases him, but something falls through the window and lands at Edwin’s feet. They are horrified to find the severed head of Reg, the Irish thug. Someone bangs at the door, asking for help. Mickey opens the door, and the demon kills him. Edwin shoots himself after the demon forces him to do so.
The story moves forward to the present day.
Two friends, Dougie, and Johnno visit Maria Island after accepting a challenge to spend a couple of days in the Penitentiary rooms. Johnno and Dougie get William ‘O’Brien’s room. Johnno tries to summon a spirit. The spirit of ‘O’Brien appears in their room and destroys their bed. The tour guide, Bel, changes their accommodation to a small cottage. Unfortunately, the demon revisits them and manipulates Johnno to kill Dougie and himself.
Detective Wellock and Zack Bolder lead the investigation into their murders. The police chief informs them about a new detective Kayla assigned to help them solve this case. They visit the island where Kayla meets them and presents her preliminary investigation reports. She tells them about John Stable and The Portland Cement Company. She also informs them about an incident involving a school kid losing his sanity after visiting The Coffee Palace ( Museum). The three detectives visit the crime scene and discover the skeleton of a Tasmanian Devil.
They attend the lecture on history by Dr. Marcus Jones. Later on, Bolder meets John Stable at the crime scene. The demon warns him about another murder likely to be committed on French Farm.
Bolder, Wellock, and Kayla are dismayed to find a dead girl on the campsite near French Farm, and her friend is missing. John Stable pays another visit to Bolder and denies any involvement in the murder and
the disappearance case. He gives him a 24-hour deadline to strike a deal for information on the second girl, Hazel. Is she alive or dead? If John Stable didn’t kill anyone, who is behind the gruesome murders? Would Bolder’s team be able to solve this case? Please grab this book, as it has plenty of surprising twists. Wow! I had goosebumps while reading it.

Thank you so much, Ms. Tremayne for this wonderful book. I would love to read all your books.

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