Her Broken Trust

A book review

Wow! What a fascinating book! I am so impressed that I am going to read it more than once. The book begins with a courtroom scene where Trent Grant has been sentenced to twenty-nine years in the federal prison with a fine of nine-hundred-fifty thousand dollars in a bank fraud case. Layla, Trent’s wife, tries to control her emotional outburst.
The story resumes with a flashback of Layla and Trent having breakfast with their daughters, Hailey, aged seven and Bethany, aged 5. Someone rings their doorbell. Layla fears the newcomer may be a harbinger of trouble. She asks her children to go to their respective rooms and stay there until she calls for them with their codeword. The visitor is impatient and keeps on knocking. Trent opens the door to find a hefty man who demands to speak privately with him, in spite of Layla’s protest. She calls her friend, Tabby, for help. She responds to Layla’s call and finds Trent in discussion with a stranger. Bethany calls out from the window of her room upstairs. Layla and Tabby go back to help Bethany while the visitor, Ivan Semenov, drives away with Trent. Layla realizes the presence of an intruder when Bethany screams for help and a male voice curses loudly. Tabby makes Layla to hide in a closet while she would rescue Bethany. Layla had already called 911 but the police fail to turn up. The intruder traps Layla to give up her hiding place by forcing Hailey, her elder daughter, to summon her.
He starts bonding with them after a couple of days. His name is Mikhail Semenov and he is Ivan’s brother. He knows about Layla and Trent’s secret and lets it slip by telling Hailey that her parents are Russians too and reveals Layla’s real name Petra Ozlov while Trent is Dmitry Kozlov. She forbids him to tell her children anything about their past. Mikhail takes them to a restaurant where Layla meets Bea. She meets Bea in the ladies room and confides in her about their trouble with FBI but doesn’t disclose her true nationality. After a while, Bea exposes Trent’s infidelity with her best friend, Tabby. Layla is devastated after watching her husband kissing Tabby. She leaves the restaurant with Mikhail and kids. She contacts Fred, Trent’s lawyer, and tells him everything and also wants to prove her allegiance to America. She wants to be an American citizen for the sake of her children.
All the hells break loose when a series of bullets get fired at Layla’s house as Mikhail dies bunker while protecting them. Fortunately, they are saved when they hide in a bunker. Layla comes out of hiding after two days, only to find Mikhail’s dead body. Officer James rescues her and her children.
Layla has another secret. What is it? Who killed Mikhail and why were they( Layla and Kids) attacked? The story is full of surprises with an unexpected astonishing climax. A gripping tale of treachery, dark secrets and conspiracy. Definitely, it’s a must read. Heartiest congratulations to Author Kelly Utt for a brilliant book. It’s a must read book for all the mystery lovers.

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