Book review:

Murder at Mile Marker 18 by Denise Jaden

I liked the book. It was amazing. Mallory Beck and her cat, Hunch, are wonderful characters. I loved the way the cat prodded her to solve the mystery behind Dan Montrose’s death. Mallory happens to visit the church the first time after her husband, the famous mystery writer, Cooper Beck’s untimely demise. She volunteers to deliver the casserole dish at the Montrose residence. She meets Dan’s widow, Helen. She is surprised to learn that real estate agent Beth is her sister. She offers to take food to Dan’s children. She is shocked to learn that Danny, Dan’s son, hates his father and doesn’t care about what happened to him. His sister, Amber, wants to visit the site of accident as she finds some discrepancies on his alleged accident. Mallory decides to help her and they visit Mile Marker 18. Amber tells Mallory that her dad found some Mile markers on the highway quite significant as the numbers on them happened to be the date of his wedding or birth dates of his children.They find some clues including FDS written behind the bark of a tree. They find a hole dug up nearby. Mallory and Amber visit the police station but are disappointed to learn that they can only meet the police counselors. Mallory meets Officer Alex Martinez who has written off the case as hit and run accident. Mallory and Amber try to convince him that it wasn’t an accident but a murder. He is indifferent to their pleas. Mallory discusses the case with her cat, Hunch, who prods to revisit the site. She finds Alex acting upon her suggestion to find more clues. He agrees to help Mallory and Amber unofficially. Alex tells her that the Police Chief Corbet hates him and his father. He is unable to take it upto him to reopen the case. Mallory visits the will reading at the lawyers office. She is stunned to find the stipulation in the will that states that if his death turned out to be suicide or unnatural, his wife will lose everything and his properties would be left to the Clinton Foundation. Their list of suspects include Helen, Danny Jr, Cade. There is a surprising twist in the tale where all the three suspects are cleared of any wrong doing. There are startling revelations. What is so significant about Mile Marker 18? Who is FDS? Was Dan Montrose leading a double life? To find out the answers, do read this book. It’s absolutely thrilling.

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