The Sisters of Kestrel Cay.

Author Kelly Utt has brilliantly penned another bestseller. The sisters of Kestrel Cay is an awesome, brilliant tale of deceit, lies, secrets and pure love. Margot Callaway is a Naval Flight Officer, living in Washington. She is sort of estranged from her family. One day she receives a call from her grandfather Vern who wants to discuss an important family matter. But she tries to avoid further conversation and ends the call without listening to his plea for help. Her conscience pricks her but she ends up calling her best friend Chevelle Mooney in Hideaway Isle. Chevelle asks her to check out her younger sister Lottie’s Facebook page. Margot is stunned upon learning that her sister acquired a tour boat company and is held responsible for the death of fifteen passengers. She immediately gets in touch with Grandpa Vern and informs him that she is coming back to sort out all the family problems.

Another shock awaits her when she lands in her hometown. Her friend Chevelle picks her up from the airport and introduces her to Puck Reed who claims to be her half-brother. They have the same mother, Anne. Margot is unable to digest this news and walks out in fury. Rags Bertram, a handsome former naval officer, comes to her rescue and accompanies her to her grandfather’s house. Grandpa Vern happens to be his friend. Margot has had a tragic past with her parents’ untimely demise. She cannot risk losing another loved one. Unfortunately, while Margot and Rags chat with Vern, the doorbell rings. Vern sends them away and opens the door. Some goons shoot him dead after he pleads them to spare her and take his life instead. Margot is determined to find out who killed her Grandfather and reconcile with her younger sister. One day, she dreams about spending a day in beach with her mother who apologizes to her about the secrets she had been keeping from her. Margot and her sister’s life is in danger from someone ruthless who murdered their beloved Grandpa.

Rags helps her in her quest for searching her sister who she discovers accidentally with another girl.

Will they succeed in unmasking the murderer and uncover Anne’s secrets? Is Puck Reed really their half-brother? To know more about this story, do grab this book.

Certainly deserves a five star rating.

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