Her Buried Secret- Kelly Utt

Her Buried Secret by Kelly Utt is one of the most intriguing thrillers I have ever read. I have already read it twice. It is one of her best books. The story is about four friends, Penelope Cline, Cheryl Edwards,Meg Harris and Hana Kim. They work for an escort service agency run by Reginald Johns and his partner Marshall Erving.

The story begins with a brief description of Penelope’s childhood. Whenever she lies or has an urge to lie, she resorts to breath control technique. One day she visits a bank to make some deposit to her savings account. Her mother sends Penelope to deposit money while she takes care of her younger brother Zach in the car. However, Penelope wants to withdraw cash for buying a green camping tent. She withdraws money from her savings and enters the amount as the funds raised through Sunny Dale Sales club, a fund raising partner for her elementary school. She manages to keep her secret from her mother and buys her camping tent.

Coming back to the present, Penelope and her friends are at Marshall’s house discussing the possible death/ disappearance of Ms. Audrey Ward from the party thrown by Marshall and Reggie. Penelope insists on going through the events of the fateful party. Her friends are not too keen, but Cheryl decides to humor Penny and they start recollecting the story. Cheryl tells them about her offering a drink to Audrey to make her feel comfortable. She also says that she saw a man resembling Brad Cooper approaching Audrey and has nothing else to add.

Meanwhile, Hana and friends tease Penelope. She is reduced to tears. Hana plays a prank on Penelope by pushing her into water. She flails her arm in surprise and Marshall arrives on time to rescue her.

Her friends rush forward to check whether she is alright. She tells them that she is alright and dismisses them. Marshall and Penelope share some romantic and steamy moments together. Unfortunately, Hana barges in at the wrong moment. She claims to have seen a person hiding in the hedges.

Marshall and Penelope are having discussion with Hana when a blonde stranger enters the scene taking Reggie as hostage. He wants Hana in exchange for Reggie. Penelope inspires Marshall to use his military tactics and they kill the blonde man.

All of them are scared. Marshall moves into Penelope’s apartment. They are making love to each other when Hana enters the room without knocking to find them in a compromising position. She tells them about a strange woman following her. Later, Detectives Luke Hemmings and Neil Fredericks question Penelope about the disappearance of Audrey Ward. She holds her breath as usual before telling a lie. Marshall comes to her aid in dealing with the

Penelope and her friends gather together at her house to find a solution to this problem. Hana tells them that a mysterious woman is following her on a bike. Marshall advises them to go into hiding temporarily until the case is solved. Cheryl confronts Marshall, much to the disappointment of Penelope and walks out with Meg.

Marshall asks Penelope and Hana to move into his friend Brian Patterson’s house without any delay. On their way to Brian’s house, a vicious dog snarls at them. Marshall urges them to run, while he handles the dog. Penelope and Hana reach Brian’s house. He lets them in and shows them around his house including the bunker where they are supposed to hide. He introduces them to his daughter Madeline.

Penelope worries about Marshall but Brian tries to comfort her. As days pass, Hana and Brian fall in love with each other. Penny is happy for her friend but is restless. She wants to contact her brother Zach to seek his help to reach out to Marshall whom she sees behind the bars in a TV news channel. Brian asks Hana and Penelope to stay together in a bunker while he goes out to visit his mother. He tells them about the hidden key and the fastest way to lock the bunker. He leaves with Madeline locking the door behind him. The two friends are scared. After a while, they hear someone knocking persistently at the door. They hear a familiar voice calling out to them. Hana opens the door to find a big surprise.Whom did the friends see? What happened to Marshall? What was wrong with Cheryl? Where did Audrey disappear? Is she dead or alive? To get the answers to these questions, do grab the book and enjoy.

It’s a wonderful read. I would give it a five star rating and recommend it to all the mystery lovers. I especially loved the way Penelope’s character was portrayed. Some parts of Penelope’s childhood are mentioned in between to gain an insight into her personality. Great job.👌👌👌👌👌

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