Book review:

Seaside Harbor Murder in the manor by Fiona Grace is a must read book for all the lovers of murder mysteries.

Lacey Doyle, the protagonist, gets a divorce notice from her husband, David. She undergoes an emotional turmoil. She decides to take a brief vacation to Wilfordshire, England from her residence in the US. Her sister Naomi and their mother are sceptical about her decision.

After reaching her destination, she finds that all the hotels are fully booked for the Easter break. She has many fond memories of her childhood days in Wilfordshire. She meets Ivan in a coffee shop. He provides her accomodation.

The next day she goes out for shopping. She comes across an old shop which reminds her of her estranged father’s antique shop. She meets Stephen, the present owner of the shop, who tells her that he had leased it out for a couple who fled away without any intimation.

On a sudden impulse, she takes the shop on lease from him. She decides to quit her job in New York and settle here permanently.

She befriends Tom, the Baker and Gina her neighbor. They help her in setting up her antique shop. She manages to earn a decent income until a catastrophe strikes her life. A dog belonging to the previous occupants of her shop, comes back in search of a shelter. Lacey and Tom take it to a vet and learn that it’s owners died in a car crash. Lacey wants to adopt it. Apart from friends, she gets a nemesis in the form of Taryn Maguire, owner of a boutique shop. She is jealous of Lacey, as she wanted the old shop for herself. She leaves no stone unturned in troubling her.

A twist in the tale arises when a rich aristocratic woman, Iris Archer, arrives at her shop, asking her to appraise her antiques and jewelry. The next day, Lacey discovers her dead body, when she turns up for an appointment. She calls the police but they suspect her to be the murderer.

The entire town, except for her close friends, believe her to be the murderer because she is an outsider. Lacey’s business gets hit hard. She takes on the investigation to prove her innocence. When she goes back to Iris’s estate, her valet Niguel turns her out. However, he changes his opinion after her convincing statement about her innocence.

He briefs her about the troubled family history. She meets Iris’s children, Benjamin, Clarissa and Henry. Their greedy attitude makes them the prime suspects in her eyes. A break-in of her shop makes her add Niguel to her list of suspects.

Who is the real culprit? What was the motive behind the murder? How will Lacey prove her innocence? To know the answers to these questions, grab a copy of this book instantly.

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