Book review

Hi Friends,

Life seems to have come to a standstill ever since the enforcement of Lockdown due to Covid-19. However, I decided to utilise this time to spend my time with my family and also pursue my favourite hobby of reading.

I browsed through the internet to download some mystery books to read in my spare time. This book attracted my attention as I found it’s title to be unique.

I must say that I made a wise decision by reading this book. I enjoyed reading every single page and wanted to share my experience with you.


Charlotte Anthony is a forty year old divorcee, working as a freelance journalist. Her daughter Ellis is in Paris for her higher education. Financial crisis and loss of job force her to sell her house in Lake Parkerton, Indiana and move on to a studio apartment in Elm Grove. Her friend Helene recommends her name to her nonagerian sister, Olivia Targman Aka Bernadine for transcribing her notebooks into a novel.

Charlotte is shocked to find Olivia lying unconscious in a pool of blood. She notifies Helene who sends her neighbor, Simon for help. She calls the ambulance and the paramedics shift Olivia to the hospital. Simon and Charlotte search for a possible clue to the attacker. A couple of days later, Charlotte learns about Olivia’s death. She is disappointed to find herself jobless again. Helene consoles her and persuades her to find the notebooks, arrange them serially and compile them into a novel. Charlotte has already discovered one notebook that contains the clue for the location of another one. Olivia has hidden them all over her house. Simon, Helene and Charlotte start uncovering the clues in the notebook to discover 9 of them. They are convinced that Olivia’s death is linked with the contents of the notebook. Her son Donovan is considered as a suspect as he is in deep financial trouble.

Helene contacts Warren bros. for the disposal of unwanted assets in Olivia’s house. Bosley Warren, one of the proprietors of Warren Pawn shop and auction agent strikes gold when he discovers a rare first edition of the book titled Least Objects written by Nobel laureate Seamus’O’ Dair.

Charlotte learns that Olivia had contacts with Wesley Warren, brother of Bosley. A twist in tale occurs when the police discover Wesley’s body dumped in a lake alongwith his car. Charlotte believes that both the murders are interlinked. She shares her knowledge with Detective Barnes. She has to find the final notebook to identify the murderer/ murderers and the motive behind the two murders.

The notebooks hold the key to solving the case as they contain the secrets of Olivia’s past leading to her death.

Please grab this book if you are curious to know the contents of the notebooks and the true culprit.

This book primarily deals with events in the past leading to murders committed in the present. Some of the passages are repeated probably to confirm Helene’s story about her sister to Charlotte.

I would certainly recommend all the lovers of mysteries and crime fiction to read this book.

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