Sahibganj: My first journey to Jharkhand.

I have never traveled beyond Maharashtra in my life. So, When I learned that my brother was getting married to a bride from Jharkhand, I was pretty excited. I looked forward to the trip with my nine-year-old daughter. I left Chennai on 6th May and reached Nagpur on the very same day. After spending a couple of days in Nagpur, my family boarded a train to Patna.

We were on our way to board another train from Patna to Sahibganj.

We reached Sahibganj, a place in Jharkhand on the following day. Our rooms were booked at The Hotel Kalinga International, a luxurious star hotel.

Relaxing at The Kalinga International

The bride’s parents arranged a car for our sightseeing in the evening. Our driver told us that The British had established one of their colonies here. The local citizens used to call them Sahib. Since the British dominated this town for years together, it came to be known as Sahibganj. I happened to see some buildings of the colonial era that were the remnants of The British rule.

I happened to see some buildings of the colonial era that were the remnants of The British rule.

We visited Rani Sati Devi temple and Kali temple to seek blessings from the Divine Mother. We visited Ganga Ghat for a dip in the holy river

Ganga Ghat.

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. After offering our prayers to Maa Ganga, We went to Visit Motni Waterfalls. Unfortunately, the water had dried up but the location was simply breathtaking.

Hills surrounding Motni Waterfalls.

We moved on to visit Jalebi Ghat.

Jalebi Ghat:

It’s a winding road that leads us to the top of a small hill. It has been named Jalebi Ghat because of its twists and turns.

Since it was already getting late, we returned back to our hotel. Due to time constraint and the marriage preparations for the following day, we were unable to visit other places like a bird sanctuary and Rajmahal and a tiger reserve.

Our journey with the grand celebration of my brother.

Moments of joy.

We are returning to Nagpur with the newlywed couple. I will be staying there for a week before returning to my marital home in Chennai.

A journey to remember with some sweet memories.

7 thoughts on “Sahibganj: My first journey to Jharkhand.

  1. Though the journey experiences are short it is very nice as if we have visited the holi places and nature directlyou.thanks a lot for bringing the nice experience.which one can relish.


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