A Train Journey

Gone are those good old days when siblings quarreled for a window seat while traveling by train. I still remember fighting with my brother to sit near the window so that I could enjoy watching fields, mountains, streams, and houses as they quickly vanished out of sight. This craze for a window seat in the train is slowly fading away as the people are preoccupied with their smartphone and laptops. I can hardly see any vendor selling books and magazines in many railway stations. While technology has made our lives comfortable, we are losing our contact with Mother Nature.

I wish we could learn to appreciate the beauty of Nature by gazing outside the window of the moving train at least for some time instead of fiddling with the mobile while traveling by train.


8 thoughts on “A Train Journey

  1. The train journey by watching the nature can not be equated with watching the same in electronic media. The farmer one is plessential and the latter one is strain for the eyes and mind and evenk heart too. This has been vividly expressed by Mrs Aparna. Thanks for bringing such a wonderful thought.


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