How to control anger in 10 easy steps.


Anger is the result of frustration arising out of stress, heated argument with the near and dear ones, being chided constantly and always being compared with those who are more successful in their life, failure of not having accomplished a task or a goal. The list is endless. There are pros and cons of every aspect of life. This is applicable for anger as well. Though anger is considered detrimental to mental and physical health and leads to problems like stress and hypertension, it also acts a shield to defend oneself from being a victim of abuses of all kinds and provides a channel to vent out the suppressed feelings which may in turn lead to other major health issues.

Anger management is vital for each one of us. Losing temper over trivial issues will not only spoil our relationships with others but also create a negative atmosphere causing only sadness and a feeling of dejection. There are many websites which offer many suggestions to control anger.  Discussed below are some of the steps are almost common and easy to follow, provided there is strong will within us to change our outlook towards life.

  1. Drink some water and then try to analyze the situation before lashing out abuses or utter remarks which may be regretted as words once spoken cannot be taken back.
  2. In case of a heated argument, it is advisable to go away from the scene and make it clear to the other irate person, that his anger seldom matters to you.
  3. Meditation does help a lot. Keep your eyes closed and think of some pleasant memories to erase negative feelings.
  4. To get rid of your anger, you can go to a secluded room, close the doors and scold the person to your heart’s content till you realize that now your anger has subsided considerably.
  5. These feelings can be written out in a private diary as well. I have applied this method and found that writing does help out.
  6. Whenever you feel that the situation is out of control, try to divert your mind to other positive activities like reading, watching some comedy program or listening to good music.
  7. You can go for a stroll in the park or visit a temple so that the serene atmosphere makes you feel relaxed.
  8. Take a short nap, refresh yourself and try to think of ways to keep you engaged so that your mind does not revert back to any ill feelings.
  9. Just pay a visit to an orphanage or home for the destitute to realize that there are people who are living in a much worse condition than you are and consider yourself lucky that God has been Kind enough to you.
  10. Learn to forgive and forget. Thinking about unpleasant memories will only cause depression.


Life is short and it is not worth to lose any moment in hating, criticizing, arguing or fighting over matters which are insignificant.


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