Lesser Known Hill stations in India

I had been on a trip to Pachmarhi when I was in B.com 2nd year. I was really captivated by the scenic beauty of the place. The atmosphere was calm and serene. Pachmarhi is located in Madhya Pradesh. Lord Shiva is the Chief Deity here. Jata shankar caves is the place where it is believed the the linga form of lOrd Shiva appeared on its own , which is why it is called swayambhu .

Besides we have other places like Gupt Mahadev where the entrance to the temple is so narrow the we have to crawl literally. Like ever hill station. Pachmarhi also has a suicide point, offering a panoramic view of the valley below. There is Pandav caves where the Pandavs took rest for some time when they were in exile.

We have enchanting Dhoopgarh which is too splendid to miss and the unforgettable Bee Falls. On the whole, the trip was so mesmerizing that one could forget all his anxieties for some time.

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