Cancer : A Dreaded Disease

Cancer is a malignant disease that usually occurs when there is abnormality in the growth of cells in the body. According to a study, there are more than 100 types of cancer ranging from breast cancer to colon cancer, skin cancer, prostrate and ovarian cancer, lung cancer etc.
Cancer is curable to some extent nowadays, due to advancement in the field of medicine and technology. But, it needs to be diagnosed earlier so that timely medication and chemotherapy can be given. Following symptoms should not be ignored by women since they are most likely to affect them:
1. As far as breast cancer is concerned, if there is any sign of lump in the breast(most lumps cannot be considered as a sign of cancer), or nipples turning inward, skin puckering or discharge from nipples, or soreness in the breast, the doctor should be immediately consulted. Mammogram or biopsy is recommended to detect the breast cancer.
2.Bloating should not be disregarded if it continues to persist for more than two week as it may be a symptom for ovarian cancer. The tests usually taken under such cases comprises of pelvic exam, blood test or an ultra sound.
3.Bleeding between periods may be a symptom of endometrial cancer (uterus cancer)requiring immediate medical attention. After menopause, occurrence of bleeding should not be ignored .
4. Skin cancer symptoms include abnormal changes in the skin particularly in the size shape and color of the mole.
5. Blood in the stool (excreta) could be a warning sign for immediate medical examination.
6. Changes in the lymph nodes(small, bean-shaped glands around the body) may be caused due to leukemia
7.Difficulty in swallowing food over a long period of time may be a sign of throat or stomach cancer for which consultation with the doctor is a must.
8.Unusual weight loss without doing any exercise or physical activity might possibly lead to either pancreatic, stomach or lung cancer which can be detected by undergoing a CT scan.
9. Heartburn may be caused due to heavy intake of food, alcohol or stress. If it prolongs over a period of time, it could possibly be either stomach cancer, or ovarian cancer.
10. Coughs abate within 3-4 weeks. If they continue to persist longer than the aforesaid period, it may be a sign of lung cancer. Medical examination is required to be done immediately under such circumstances.
There are other symptoms like extreme tiredness, non abating fever , belly pain with depression which may lead to various forms of cancer. Whatever the case may be, prevention is better than cure. It is better to go for medical examination if there is any abnormal change in your body.
Cancer can be avoided or cured in case of early diagnosis. Nevertheless, the trauma faced by the patients is very severe . Chemotherapy offers respite for some time but the terminally ill patients may opt for palliative care to combat the disease till they live since they suffer from excruciating pain.

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