Stagnating Education

University is supposed to be a temple of acquiring knowledge. However, the recent incidents have not only tarnished the image of Indian University especially a reputed one like Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU). Parents toil all day long to make sure that their children get the best education. Instead,these kids get easily influenced to fall prey to bad habits and get into the news for wrong reasons.

Parents should refrain their children from treading the path of disaster. Anti- national sentiments should definitely be curbed right from the childhood. Right to freedom does not mean that they can chant anti- national slogan and get away with it. Loss of moral education in schools and colleges is responsible for the increase in criminal activities like mass copying in the University Exams, ragging , violence, murder, theft etc.

Pressure to perform well in the academics is the root cause of many students committing suicide.Educational institutions should motivate the younger generation to study well but not at the cost of their lives. Let us hope there is some positive change in renovating education system.

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