Safety of women

Its great to be back blogging after such a long time gap. Anyways, I am indeed perturbed to find that there has been increasing cases of molesters cum perverts who are harassing women treating them as mere sexual objects.  Thanks to social media , these people are being named and shamed. But it hardly matters, since media channels are giving too much coverage to such incidents and it does not deter the probable pervert from indulging in such crimes. They are simply caught and let out on bail.

Stringent action is the need of the day. These mischief mongers think that they can get away with their petty crime which will soon be forgotten. They should realize that their misdeeds are bringing disrepute not only to their families but also the entire nation.  I hope the safety of women and children will be taken care of and steps be taken to curb this menace to the society.

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