Presence of Mind

Radhika, a bubbly, vivacious  10 year old girl , was the only daughter of Mrs. Rupa and Mr. Arvind Kumar. She was very cute, chirpy and full of life with an ever smiling face. Every one adored her since she was also very caring and helpful.  Her only problem was that unlike the girls of her age, her breasts were a bit big. She was also conscious of the same. She liked to wear only salwar kameez and full length frocks.

In spite of her decent attire, some boys in her area used to stare at her with menacing eyes. They also passed lewd comments. She decided that she will no longer tolerate the nonsense. One fine day, she approached them and told them” Bhaiyya, Please stop bothering me , since I am like a sister to you. Would you tolerate it if somebody abused your sister?” . The guys felt ashamed of themselves and apologized for their unruly behavior. They also promised to protect her in times of danger. Radhika felt happy and thanked them.

After some days, an old gentleman named Mr. Mohan visited Radhika and her parents. After exchanging pleasantries, they had tea and shortly Mr.Mohan left but before leaving , he touched Radhika inappropriately. Radhika gave him a furious look. He then took their leave.

After this incident, some days passed peacefully. On one fine occasion, Radhika was alone at home since she had a holiday and her parents went away for work. Mohan came knocking at the door. Radhika peeped in through the keyhole and to her utter dismay, found the lecherous old man. She decided not to let the man molest her. She

She quickly thought of a plan. She opened the door but instead of letting him in , she said” Uncle , Please buy me a chocolate. Only then, will I let you in.” The man smiled and thought” Today is my lucky day. I will give her whatever she wants and then take undue advantage. ” He nodded and went way. No sooner did he go, than Radhika locked her house and rushed to her neighbor’s house and quickly told the kind lady of the situation.

Soon , the man came back , only to find the house locked. Radhika  meanwhile was watching him go  as she hid behind the door. The lady appreciated Radhika for her cleverness and Radhika thanked her for letting her in.

giving her shelter.

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