A Dreadful sight.

Life is like a mystery novel where no one can predict the future events.What may be alive now, might be dead the next second. I realized this when I saw a dreadful sight where destiny played a cruel joke. I was merely a mute spectator, helpless and watched the mishap with a sense of guilt of not being able to avert the same .

I was preparing tea in the evening , when I saw my  pet cat sitting in the window sill, waiting for her milk. It purred a little to capture my attention. Then , all of a sudden , it jumped off, when it saw its little one being caught by a couple of angry, snarling dogs waiting to devour the kitten. The maternal instinct in the animal(the cat) arose  and it dived right in front of those dogs to save her young one . Though the dogs dropped the kitten, they pounced upon the helpless mother cat and tore her apart. She died for the sake of her child, though , later , even it met with the same fate .

I lost my beloved one. Then, I decided not to raise any more pets, be it a cat or a dog, for its loss was too unbearable.

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