Escape from a certain death.

One day, while travelling by a suburban train from Velachery (I am a resident of Chennai) to Korattur, I saw a dreadful sight. A young woman, apparently in her twenties, had boarded the train without checking its intended destination. She was so engrossed in her mobile phone conversation that she did not even bother to inquire about the train route.  Slowly, the train started to pull out of station.The young lady  finished chatting and then asked the fellow passenger about the train route to confirm whether she was on the right train.  She was taken aback  when she came to know about her mistake .The train was now gaining speed but she suddenly jumped off the moving train and fell with a thud on the platform. I  was a bit shocked and then realized that  had she fell on the track, she would have been crushed under the wheels of the train. 

People should be careful while boarding or getting off the train. It was God’s grace that she escaped with minor injuries.

One thought on “Escape from a certain death.

  1. Dear aparna,had just gone through all ur blogs which r very interesting.I am happy to see that u r very good in your writing skill,very descriptive,and using the appropriate words and conveying the message in a simple and clear manner.There is no doubt that u have written the day to day things that’s happening in this world but I feel u have to enlarge your horizon further.with all best wishes and love and intend to read more of ur blogs in future.
    Ur mami


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